What the World Eats

Fascinating slideshow showing what different families from around the world eat. What the World Eats

Your invitation to play Lost

http://www.lost.eu/533b0 I say no more. (except this has nothing to do with the Channel 4 TV program)

Summer Is Here 3

Summer Is Here
Enjoy your ice creams…

Mumucat – get your own little model of someone

Mumucat will take a photograph of somebody and turn it into a little manga-ish style model of yourself. Looks great and would be a really good gift. Here is an example: The website isn’t the greatest and to be honest I don’t think I would get one based on that – it looks like it ...

The Daily Mail defines “Web 2.0”

As I have already mentioned here, I have access to and often read the Daily Mail due to it lying around where I get my coffee. I have seen many opinionated and badly researched stories over the years and I have become numb to the countless “Video Games Make Our Children Killers” type stories, although ...