Missing Pidgeon 1

Missing Pidgeon
Genius. I could just imagine this sign outside the back of Marks and Spencers in Blackpool, where all the pidgeons congregate hoping for scraps of Hampsons pies and pastries.

ACL Surgery Update – 8 Weeks 32

It has been 8 weeks since my Anterior Cruciate Ligament was reconstructed after a football injury and I am now managing almost a full normal bend of the knee, running, lifting weights and swimming. It has been pretty tough keeping up the motivation of going to the gym six times a week but it is ...

Free Diving With Great White Sharks 1

I was browsing through these Shark Videos and found this excellent/stupid video of a diver “free diving” in Shark Alley (sounds ominous), South Africa. Free diving is basically snorkelling with a wetsuit, but the idea is the diver doesn’t have all the equipment that would scare fish (I don’t think it would scare these great ...

Wordbook Application for Facebook and WordPress

I have just added Wordbook to this blog and my Facebook account, which means every time I post here it will be added to my status in Facebook. Great little plugin, the WordPress community always comes up with the goods.