Zelda Geeks Only… 1

… a quote from IRC: Curt teh Juggler: our graduation ceremony was today, and right when some gamer nerd got his diploma, someone in the audience played the zelda “get item” music and he did the zelda spin-hold-out-item stance Curt teh Juggler: it was quite possibly the most amazing thing ever. Found on bash.org

Your invitation to play Lost

http://www.lost.eu/533b0 I say no more. (except this has nothing to do with the Channel 4 TV program)

Rejected Wii Play Games

Very geeky but very good spoof video of Rejected Wii Play Games Nice site design also, like the retro look.

Boomshine Flash Game

There are so many online games out there and so many deserve a look, so it seems a bit fair to single out only one… but it has got me hooked: http://www.k2xl.com/games/boomshine/ Just click the little ball you want to start and it will explode into a circle of light – if it touches any ...

Zelda Wii Case mod

Spotted recently on eBay, this Zelda Wii Console mod is a pure piece of art. Zelda Wii Case Mod