Ants for Antworks

I got a great gift at Christmas – an AntWorks ant farm. Its basically a tub full of super nutritious gel that Ants love, will dig tunnels in and happily live in.

So the only missing piece of the puzzle is the Ants themselves – I needed about 25. It took me a couple of failed attempts to realise that no matter how much jam and chocolate I put down the ants were more interested in hibernating, being Christmas and Winter and all that.

I left it till Spring until I spotted some ants in the garden, so out I went to catch them. An hour later I had 4 ants in the Antworks and they started fighting. I left them to it to see if they could sort it out themselves but they all escaped through the airholes.

Getting pretty sick of the whole “finding ants” saga I turned to my old friend Google. Sure enough a company(?) called “breezily” are offering to send 25 of the best ants by post for £5.95. I decided to go for it but soon realised the site was a bit dodgy.. I don’t think they are trying to scam anyone but I know that my details aren’t secure. I decided to email them to check a couple of things and now four weeks later I haven’t got a response.

So here I am, a proud owner of an AntWorks kit but no Ants.

I am sure the AntWorks will look like a great idea when your browsing Firebox but be warned, getting those pesky ants is another matter.

Written by Carey

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