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I have been experimenting with using Dreamhosts on a client project and so far it is very good. I have always used a UK based hosting company due to the potential search engine benefits (i.e. Google will recognise the server as UK and list the site better on but now I am starting to reconsider.

I managed to get a discount of $50 using the coupon code DREAMING50 so it only cost me about £30 for a years hosting which includes 2080GB bandwidth (not sure if its monthly or yearly but I won’t get anywhere near that) and over 200GB disk space (again, won’t get near it). Compared to UK hosting providers that is a massive difference in price.

The control panel is fantastic. I am used to cPanel and compared to the Dreamhost setup it is looking really dated. It has unlimited addon domains and databases so you could effectively run 100s of sites for £30 a year (I wouldn’t recommend it as you will be pushing the capability of the shared server).

So far, Dreamhosts are highly recommended by me – if you are looking to use them make sure you take advantage of the coupon code (DREAMING50) to get $50 off.

Written by Carey

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