Free Diving With Great White Sharks

I was browsing through these Shark Videos and found this excellent/stupid video of a diver “free diving” in Shark Alley (sounds ominous), South Africa.

Free diving is basically snorkelling with a wetsuit, but the idea is the diver doesn’t have all the equipment that would scare fish (I don’t think it would scare these great whites anyway) and can get up close and personal with its subject. Normally, normal people in normal diving with great white shark situations will use a cage to make sure they aren’t devoured – one thing this guy isn’t is normal.

This really is something else – the diver actually grabs the dorsal fin at one stage, with but a stick (I suspect with some kind of exploding tip) to keep him safe.

Check it out: Free Diving With Great White Sharks

Written by Carey

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  1. I have dreamed too long to experiance this once in a lifetime chance. I crave the footage or see it thru my own eyes.

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